Charity Gig at Chez Philippe

It's March it's wet, it's windy it's the first gig of the year .....

Well we opened the season with a gig at our Alma Mater, Chez Philippe's in Montenay, probably the best live music bar in the area. 

The gig was a freebie for the Pompier's "widows and orphans" fund with all proceeds going to them.

We were well looked after by Philippe as is always the case, and we were particularly impressed by the addition of a fully stocked beer fridge just off the stage!

A few changes to the set list, including four new songs and a couple that came in late last year, we have more new songs in the pipeline, including some written by the band (mainly Rico and drummer John) so watch this space.

All in all it was a good gig, a couple of glitches but they were small, and a very appreciative audience as ever.

Nice to start with a good buzz so thanks to Philippe, the pompiers, the audience, the fridge and John the sound who kept his hands off the smoke machine for once!

See you soon.