Le Teilleul

Another busy Bullfrog weekend began with a gig at the Fête de la Musique in Le Teilleul.

A very warm night with a good crowd saw us due to kick off shortly after 9pm for a one hour set. We had been given a slot at 11.30 but because we aren’t allowed out after 11pm at our age, our manager Natalie managed to change it. The band who got our slot didn’t get on until after 1am!

There was a bit of delay as the lights failed, lots of running around with ladders and unplugging cables etc. until the system was fixed by the electrician hitting the overhead gantry with his ladder. Gives truth to the saying, “if it won’t work, hit it with a hammer, if it still won’t work, use a bigger hammer“!

We began as the long food queue worked it’s way past the front of the stage , some pour souls were quite deaf by the time they made it to safety.

One of the advantages of being a performer at these doos is that you get fed first (ish).

Anyway, our set list was most of the favourite heavier numbers with Chris Bailey putting on a fine performance for the enthusiastic crowd. At the end though, it was disappointing when calls for more had to be ignored as the sound men began clearing for the next act before the last notes of Bullfrog Blues had faded away.

Decks cleared, gear packed into cars and vans ready to unload it all again the following night in Montenay. Such is life in the fast lane of rock ‘n roll. Home, ‘rock tea’ and off to bed.