Les Trois Chemineés

As well as returning to venues we’ve played before over the years, it’s always a pleasure to discover a new one..

Last Saturday night we played at Les Trois Chemineés in Montsecret, close to Tichenbray for the first time. This bar/restaurant, run by Gemma and Neil, had it’s grand opening recently and has a a great space for bands to play,a long bar (described as a “brand new, olde world pub bar”) and outside seating too.

We’ve been playing most weekends all the summer, so we’re getting to be a well oiled machine setting up, so we had a chance to chill out and enjoy the surroundings, beer and pizza before we played.  The cars started to roll up in their numbers before we started our two sets, with a good mix of French and Brit’s enjoying a warm summer evening.

Lovely to see too a few of our friends, who came to see us and who have been great support all summer.  The set was the usual mix of classic rock and blues with a couple of our original songs thrown in for good measure.