Chez Philippe

The 25th of July took us once again to Chez Phillipe’s in Montenay, a venue we now know so well it’s almost become a second home.

This time we were playing for the English night (“Soiree Anglais”) again. Our valiant support team determined that the evening would be a success and Rachel (John’s wife), Natalie (Chris’s wife) and Lolo (Rico’s wife) knuckled down and cooked the fish and chips themselves. We can all say that the they were superb, and as much the real thing as a Newcastle chippy could make. Chris however, had to eat fish and chips three days in a row whilst Natalie got the batter mix right, he had the nerve to complain, but then, some people don’t know when they’re well off.

The big success of the night was the guitar cam fitted to Rico’s strat, it gives an entirely different view of a performance, and clever Ian has spliced some of the footage together which can be seen below.


The gig went well for about 2 1/2 hours to a full house. By the end of the night though everyone of us agreed it was the hottest one (in terms of actual heat on stage) that we have done, hotter even than the famous Fete de Poire at Mantilly a couple of years ago when it was 33 degrees. Sweat stained and tired we were indeed, but thanks to all who came and sweated with us.

Special thanks to Sabrina who jammed along in perfect time with the old favourite “Blues in hay”, and then to Mélanie who sang some stunning backing vocals to “Highway to hell”. These two ladies form the duo “Rock My Country”.

Thanks also to Lolo for her vocal work on “Brown Sugar” and “Mustang Sally”.