Bar Le Hercé

At the start of July and we were booked at the Bar Le Hercé in the centre of Mayenne.

We played the bar early last year on a cold and windy night, so it was a bit of a contrast to play outside in the square on what has to have been the hottest night of the year.

We set up on the pavement outside, after some helpful lads had moved a large wooden planter, property of the town council, that became a handy rest for water bottles and gig bags.

Tables and chairs had been set out on what is usually a small car park, and after we had eaten (we recommend the food) the music started about 9pm.

A good set in front of a really appreciative audience and because of the buildings around the bar acting as reflectors, a really good sound. John the sound and lights man had his usual fun with Vesuvius the smoke machine, and due to the heat we had some sweaty hands incidents leading to flying drum sticks and a couple of bum notes where fingers slid off strings, but all in all a great night with several enquiries about bookings afterwards.

Our thanks to all at Bar Hercé for a warm welcome and some great food, our thanks to the audience for their support.

The night ends, we take it all apart and put it in the vehicles, we go home to try and sleep in 25 degrees of heat at 2am, then we do it all again at La Ferté-Macé the next night. It’s only rock and roll, but we like it.