Chris Bailey co-founder of the band has been singing in rock bands since the 80's ....

Chris started singing in the late 80's, mostly Clapton covers in his first band "Badge". He left taking the bass player with him and formed "Driving South", performing southern rock.  Driving South disbanded and was re-formed into "Street Legal" which played all over the South East of the England including the US airbases and some venues in Paris.

As well as live gigs, "Street Legal" also recorded at the famous Marquee Club in Wardour Street in London and also made a music video which you can see below.

"Steeet Legal" disbanded in the late 90's and Chris joined the band "School Dinners" for a short period.

Chris' next move was to form the covers band "Mr President" which was the last band he played in in the UK before a 10 year break and a move to France where he formed "Bullfrog".