John Baines  - Drummer and co-founder of "Bullfrog" also a semi retired motorcycle engineer ...

John was lucky enough to have lived through the greatest era of rock music having witnessed some of the worlds greatest bands, his influences remain firmly focused on the music from the early 70's.
He dabbled with garage bands in his teens playing bass until he got behind a drum kit by accident and found it to be the instrument he most enjoyed playing.
Growing up in a family in love with motorcycles and racing it was always going to become not only sport but a career taking up all his time, leaving little space for music. At this stage John starting a very successful business with his brother Geoff and which gained considerable success on track with Geoff being a very fast and skilled rider.
In 1999 John and Geoff returned to music and formied the band "Abattoir" with Geoff singing, Derek Mulley on lead and Simon Kaiser on bass, the band went on to became well known in the Northampton area, but with all the members working in motor sport it struggled to keep going and eventually stopped gigging in 2005.
At this point John and Derek Mulley formed "Bad dog" a ZZ Top tribute band playing early ZZ and Texas blues but after the noise level laws made it hard to get gigs in the UK the band split in 2007. Moving to Normandie in 2010 John met up with Chris Bailey through their mutual love of old cars and bikes and hatched the idea of forming an Anglo/French rock blues band just for fun. The band has gone from strength to strength over the last 4 years playing all around the Normandie Mayenne region and now forms a major part of John's life, benefitting not only from the music but also from the social life of the band.