Paul plays bass for the band and was born in Capetown a long time ago

He moved to England in '58, lived in Durham Castle for 6 years, lived on Tyneside and began playing guitar at age 12 and bass at 14.

Paul played his first gig at 14, a party in the school gym, and the first song he ever played live was a cover of "Hang on Snoopy" by "The McCoys". His first bass was a Framus Star cello body.

His varied career includes teaching art and music, lorry driving and then a stint as a policeman. After an injury he went back to university to read law, became a lawyer, then a partner, a head of department and then became a senior lawyer and then retired, managing two divorces along the way!

Always playing in bands apart from a few years after the boys arrived, Paul plays blues and rock, never reggae etc !, and once left the stage rather than play Rhinestone Cowboy (true, it never went back in the set list).

Paul also plays banjo and owns a real National Resophonic polychrome slide guitar. He has been building, repairing and modifying guitars and basses for over 30 years and has made about 40 guitars in this time.

The music tradition continues with his 3 sons, one a professional bass player and one a professional guitarist and one a damn fine guitarist.

Favourite bass players: Tony Levin and Danny Thompson

Favourite Bass: The one I play most of the time, I made it for me in 1997